We are a kendo club in Chicago, Illinois.  Experienced and beginners alike are welcome!  If you are interested in visiting, joining or just have a question about kendo, please contact us today.


Kendo, or “Way of the Sword”, is the modern martial art of Japanese fencing.

Lakeshore Kendo Club is a group of enthusiastic and dedicated kendo practitioners, or “kenshi”, in Chicago, Illinois.  We focus on fundamentals, with the goal of developing a solid foundation on which to build our kendo.

All are welcome to share keiko with us.  Beginners and those with no experience are especially welcome and encouraged to join.  Regardless of your initial interest in kendo or the club, we hope you keep an open mind and allow the practice of kendo to enrich you and your daily life.  Contact us today!  

​At Lakeshore Kendo Club, we strive to:

Train the Brain: Focus on the mental over the physical.  Can you mentally cope with what is demanded or expected of you?  If you can cope with kendo, you can cope with anything.

Build Lasting Relationships: Respecting and caring for the people you share keiko with.  You cannot do kendo by yourself.

Straight-Forward and Upright Kendo: Your kendo is a reflection of your personality and character.  Nobody wants to be known as timid, tricky or dishonest, in kendo or otherwise.

Joji Takada, 5-dan, is the advisor and instructor to Lakeshore Kendo Club.  Joji was born in Saitama, Japan, and grew up in the Seattle-Tacoma area, Washington State.  Joji moved to Chicago in 2000 after living in Japan, and became affiliated with Lakeshore Kendo Club in 2014.

Joji started kendo at the age of seven under Rod N. Omoto, kyoshi 7-dan, at the Tacoma Kendo Club in Tacoma, Washington.  He continued his practice of kendo in Kyoto, Japan, under Mitsuru Goshima, kyoshi 7-dan, at the Gojo-Sho Kenminkai.  Joji’s memorable lessons from his teachers include:

攻撃あるのみ: Be proactive, do not wait.

静心: Be cool, do not lose your head.

しっかりと稽古しましょう: Practice diligently and correctly.

真っ直ぐな人は真っ直ぐな剣道: Upright people practice upright kendo.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


Lakeshore has practice three times a week: Mondays and Saturdays in Chicago, and Fridays in Wheaton, Illinois.


–Check the Calendar Page for current schedule

​–Gym at Unity Lutheran Church, 1212 West Balmoral Avenue, Chicago, IL

–Doors open at 645pm

–Keiko from 715pm to 845pm

–Enter through red doors on Balmoral

–Ring white doorbell labeled “Lakeshore Kendo”


–Check the Calendar Page for current schedule

–Same location as Monday night practice

–Doors open at 830am

–Keiko from 9am to 10am


Lakeshore is proud to partner with the Wheaton Park District to offer two kendo classes on Friday nights: Kendo Fundamentals and Continuing Techniques

–​Wheaton Park District Community Center, 1777 S Blanchard St, Wheaton, IL

–​Please register with the Wheaton Park District.  Keyword search “kendo”.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


Thank you for visiting our site.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

See you at keiko!